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Mar 142011

crow on a wire is the professional blog of Canadian author Marcin Wrona. Please follow the snazzy menu bar at the top, or the category widget to your right, to learn more about me and my writing.

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Mar 142014

You’re never too old to have one more adventure 

Brought to life by Steve Ferchaud’s vibrant drawings, this story for all ages by Dan O’Brien lets us know that it is never too late to have one more adventure. 

An Excerpt:

Robert Pendleton opened one eye as the light of a passing car flashed over the window, shattering the darkness into prisms. He rolled onto his back on the beat-up couch and yawned as he reached his hands up and rubbed his eyes unceremoniously. 
He looked out over the darkness at the digital clock. The red digits spelled out a quarter ‘til midnight––nearly fourteen hours of sleep. He smiled and grabbed one of the cushions of the couch, burying his head in it. Just enough sleep, he reminded himself. Robert felt that anything less than twelve hours of sleep was very nearly too little. 
He grasped blindly for the TV remote. 
Groaning as he lifted his head, he looked at the empty table––his eyes drawn by another flash of a passing car. He couldn’t see clearly, but he knew that the remote had been there before he had fallen asleep nearly half a day ago. 
“Could have sworn….” he mumbled as he pushed himself up and brushed his hand around the top of the table, finding nothing. “Where did….”
Another groan escaped his lips as he lifted his body to a sitting position and threw aside the cluster of pillows that he had gathered around himself. He reached out for the lamp, but instead knocked it to the floor with a resounding thud. 
Robert muttered as he stood up from the couch, and then sank to his knees to search around in the darkness for the fallen lamp. Reaching around on the shadowed floor, shards of the broken lamp scattered like pieces of light. 
He turned his head, peering beneath the large space underneath the couch and saw the reflection of the buttons on the remote. The off-gray piece of machinery was underneath the couch––only darkness lingered beyond it. He reached out as he spoke again. 
“How did it get all the way down there?” 
Robert flexed his hand and strained as he twisted his back to reach farther; yet, the remote remained just out of reach. He pulled his arm away with a huff and craned his neck to the side, staring underneath into the darkness below the couch. 
His eyes widened as he saw the impossible: there was something beyond the remote. He shook his head and closed his eyes, whispering to himself that he didn’t see what he thought he had.
“I saw a little man,” he whispered to himself as he opened his eyes once more and nearly gasped as he did so. 
The figure was closer now and he could make out the outline clearly. A tiny man rested just beyond the remote. 
“What in the name of…?”
“Not here in the name of nobody, laddie. I be a friend though,” crooned the miniscule figure as he interrupted Robert and stepped forward, placing a hand on the darkened and slick surface of the remote. 
A tam-o’-shanter crested his bright red hair, the shaggy mane blending perfectly into his equally crimson, neatly trimmed, beard. 
A billow of whitish smoke drifted from the long-stemmed pipe that he held clenched between his lips. 
Robert fell back and knocked aside the adjacent table. Rubbing his eyes, he spoke a single word: “Leprechaun.”

About the Author:

Dan O’Brien, founder and editor-in-chief of The Northern California Perspective, has written over 20 books––including the bestselling Bitten, which was featured on Conversations Book Club’s Top 100 novels of 2012. Before starting Amalgam, he was the senior editor and marketing director for an international magazine. In addition, he has spent over a decade in the publishing industry as a freelance editor. You can learn more about his literary and publishing consulting business by visiting his website at: Contact him today to order copies of the book or have them stocked at your local bookstore. He can he reached by email at
Would you like to win a remarked copy of Conspirators of the Lost Sock Army and Loose Change Collection Agency signed by the author and illustrator?

Simply follow the author here and here and a few winners will be randomly selected on March 20th!

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Nov 252013
Wherein I feel quite dim!

I vacillate, sometimes, on whether it’s easier to do research for science fiction or my rather more comfortable historical fantasy. That may sound odd. Surely, after all, it ought to be easier to learn about events that have already come to pass than those that not only haven’t but in fact may never. It isn’t. […]

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Jul 092013

I am, as always, a font of surprise and insight. As I write this, Cialis spam appears to have somehow taken hold of my front page. I have no idea where it is, nor how to get rid of it. Hopefully, by the time you read this, it won’t be an issue any longer. Meanwhile, […]

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Jun 172013

Last time, on Marcinwatch, we blogged. Since then, here’s what you may have missed: 1) A Big and Secretive Project About Which I’m Playing Coy has now been second-drafted and is making its way into beta reads. Phew. I’m not entirely sure how much work remains to be done or how it’ll be distributed, but […]

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Mar 052013

Want to know how much I love Minecraft? Go visit The Dan O’Brien Project and read a guest post. Dan’s running a Kindle Fire giveaway through his facebook page, so you may wish to poke around his blog. In other news, I did an interview over at Underground Book Reviews, whose gentleman and scholar says of […]

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Feb 142013

Valentine’s Day (have a happy one, by the by!) is not, perhaps, the most salutary of times for a post about delicious lies, but here we are. I was forwarded a fun infographic, and as I’m fond of the things, I’m passing it on to you. If you’re interested in which gender lies more often, […]

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Jan 212013
The Seven-fingered Hand

  A divine storm batters the shutters of Purast, city of outcasts. Her people sleep fitfully, dreaming of coin and the blood that stains it. Adosha, toothless guardian of a rotted system, dreams of something better: an end to the Seven-fingered Hand, the criminal brotherhood that pulls Purast’s  strings. But in a city of open […]

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Jan 172013

The Seven-fingered Hand has met with some minor delays, owing mostly to the impossibility of getting anything done during the holiday season, and early January has turned to mid-January. Alas. That said, the book is ready and formatted and awaiting one final touch before it’s good to go, so it won’t be long now! Also, […]

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Nov 242012

My next book, The Seven-Fingered Hand, should be ready in early January. But until then, a fun side project! Recently, the excellent work of a cadre of nerds coding games in their spare time has created mods enough to liven up Skyrim for me, and I’ve decided it’d be fun to do a bit of […]

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Aug 082012
A Century of Swollen Clouds

  Below Seri Ambara, the storm has raged for a hundred years. Above the clouds, on the island of Daya, Surya inherits the title of Chief Cartographer from her hated father. She must leave behind her home, her sister and her lover, to set sail for far-off Opalescent. There, she expects to lead a boring […]

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