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Jul 162012

1) Euro 2012 is sadly over, leaving me in that terrible several-week gap before more football invades and leaves my wife gibbering with the realization that there is always more football. 2) You may have surmised, from that coy insertion of the word ‘wife’, that I am now married! It’s true! I’m like some sort […]

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Jun 082012

The Euro 2012 football tournament is now officially on, and here I am watching what will no doubt be a completely non-thrilling game between two non-titans of anti-football! Go, Poland! If nothing else, you have to finish higher than the other Slavs. In other news, some of the coverage in the run-up to this tournament […]

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Apr 262012
The Whitechapel Gambit

When the Haversham sun grinds to a halt before dawn, Daniel (or David) Squeak expects that he and his fellow sunwell workers are in for an awful day. What he doesn’t expect is that a furious foreman will be the very least of his problems. One gear turns another, and Squeak finds himself injured, sacked […]

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Feb 132012

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, and thus do I return to my between-seasons blissful ignorance of the TV commercial world (at least, inasmuch as it’s possible to escape from the bloody things). Y’see, by and large, I hate commercials. It’s not because I take exception to materialism, and it’s not because I’ve seen […]

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Jan 172012

Better late than never. This year’s goals, short and sweet: 1) Four novels, one per quarter. I don’t yet know which four (apart from the next, of course, which should be ready around April), but I’m sure all that will be nice and clear when I actually sit down to write them. 2) Get married. […]

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Dec 222011
When on High

War has returned to conquered Ekka. At its heart, a sorcerer promises victory and, at last, freedom from oppression. All he asks in return is a throne. Hidden in the salt marsh, a banned cult hatches its own plots. Gemeti, daughter of a dying priestess, has few allies. If she is to a win a […]

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Dec 172011

When on High has run into a few proofreading delays (December, alas, is an awful month for getting things done), but even so, it should probably be ready within a week. Fingers crossed.

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Dec 012011
Happy December!

And happy December issue of e-fiction magazine. Short stories, poetry, and all with a December-appropriate family theme. Read it for free at, or subscribe to have it delivered directly to your e-reader. Why should you do this thing? Because there’s a story in there by me, that’s why! (And, lest I sound crass, you […]

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Nov 082011

As of yesterday, Nov 7th, we’re at about 25k words and have finished a first draft of a YA novel that I’d started work on a few months back. No time for editing, and no rest for the wicked. Back into the fray we go.

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