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Nov 012011

I’ll be participating in nanowrimo this month, on top of my regular word count. Moreover, I’m pretty busy with research for upcoming projects, and some of the reading I’ve been meaning to do since forever ago. That doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of blogging time, so the regular fantasy-writing features may not appear […]

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Oct 252011
How to write fantasy: What are we so afraid of?

There’s something blissfully surreal about Halloween. I’m not quite clear on how a festival concerned with our departed loved ones turned into a monster movie turned into sugar shock, but I do love watching all of these little monsters gallivant about and demand candy. I love monsters. I think every fantasy reader does. One might […]

Oct 182011

Last week, we talked a bit about fantasy series and why I think they’ve come to dominate the fantasy landscape. This week, I want to briefly go over some of the things I learned whilst writing a trilogy of my own, through the artless but useful medium of the numbered list. The series we’re talking […]

Oct 112011

I’m full of turkey and not time (Happy Thanksgiving, Canada, and to all a good return of the Winnipeg Jets to their rightful place), so I haven’t had the chance to compose the post I was intending. (On monsters! But we’ll have it before Halloween, don’t you worry.) In lieu, a quick one on trilogies […]

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Oct 042011
How to write fantasy: Laugh a little wildly

The Wire is one of the funniest shows on television. It’s a weird thought. The Wire is also one of the most punishing shows on television. It hits like a bear that’s been strapped down and forced to watch Yogi and Booboo make its people look bad. And yet, it’s never without a bit of […]

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Oct 012011
Guest Post - Doug Lance

Today’s guest poster is a gentleman who qualifies as a honcho. Doug Lance is the editor-in-chief of eFiction Magazine, which you should drop everything to go read right this very instant. (Warning: this month’s Halloween issue may be disturbing). Take it away, Doug: *** I didn’t want to work at Eppy’s Deli for the rest […]

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Sep 272011
How to write fantasy: Meet Grimdark

Nevermind was released twenty years ago this month. It’s almost strange to think, all this time later, how much that album changed rock. At the time, the mainstream face of that there devil-music wore eye-shadow and a perm, and was every bit as sculpted-by-committee as any teen pop fare you could care to name. At […]

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