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Review Policy


At some point, when I find a spare moment, I intend to read other indie authors for the purpose of reviewing them here.

It’s a thorny proposition, sometimes. There’s a lot of quid pro quo in the writing world. Some egos are easily bruised. Some authors read a positive review from a fellow writer, and see in it a pair of manacles. Some readers see a review and assume what they’re really seeing is mutual back-scratching.

With all that in mind, I’d like to present my review policy.


I promise you that any review on crow on a wire represents my genuine opinion, not just because I have my own reputation to protect, but because honest reviews are of value to artists who are serious about their craft.

I will, no doubt, occasionally select a book or an album or a movie because it was the brainchild of somebody with whom I interact professionally, or an e-quaintance, or a friend. I understand why you might look askance at such reviews, and I’m not going to pretend that bias can’t creep in – despite my best efforts – where a personal attachment exists. That’s life.

You may notice that reviews here tend, on the whole, to be generally positive. This isn’t because I’m a shill, or because I have low standards. It’s because I’m not a professional reviewer. I have no qualms about leaving something unfinished if for whatever mercurial reason it fails to grab me, and I’m never going to review something I haven’t read or listened to or watched all the way through.


I am not a professional reviewer. Please do not send me pitches. I’m open to recommendations through Goodreads, and I’m open to any genre under the sun, but making it to my ‘to read’ pile does not create any sort of obligation on my part; it’s merely a recognition that something about your work interested me enough that I will hopefully find or make time, at some point in the fuzzy unspecific future, to read a sample and go from there.

I know that you’re a professional. If I choose to review something of yours, and the review isn’t what you hoped it would be, I know that you know that it’s impossible to please everybody. I know that you will never send me hate-mail or make a scene, because I know that you know that such a thing looks desperately petty.

I am also a professional. If I have chosen to review something of yours, I did so because I wanted to. While I would obviously love it if you’d read and review my books, I harbour no expectation that you will do so. If you choose to review one of my books and you dislike it in part or in whole, you will never find me lurking in your garage with a tire iron.

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