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Aug 082012


Below Seri Ambara, the storm has raged for a hundred years.

Above the clouds, on the island of Daya, Surya inherits the title of Chief Cartographer from her hated father.

She must leave behind her home, her sister and her lover, to set sail for far-off Opalescent. There, she expects to lead a boring life charting the already well-charted. But fate has a different path in mind. Surya’s ship is attacked by a creature of legend, unseen for a generation. The sorcerer that fights it off is like no temple monk she’s ever met. And the position of Chief Cartographer is about to become anything but ceremonial.

Somewhere beneath swollen clouds lies the truth behind what happened to her world.

Surya will risk everything to find it.


A Century of Swollen Clouds is available now in Kindle format at Amazon.

May 112011

Since the start of April, I’ve put up two short stories and a novel. A trickle of sales has started to come in; nothing extravagant, yet, but of course it takes some time for marketing efforts to take, and word of mouth and reviews to start coming in.

I’m not sure what to do with short stories at the moment. The original plan was to devote one weekday to shorts, and the other four to working on novels. I like short stories, but I like novels better, and I think 20% of my time is a bit too much to spend on the former.

I don’t intend to give short stories up entirely, but I do want to focus my efforts at the moment and build up a backlist. I may bump my goal to one short story per month, or I may just ignore them until the first draft of Golden Feathers Falling is done and off in edit-land.

On that note, GFF hit a word count of 50k today, which means the draft is (roughly) halfway done. With revision, polishing, formatting and all that jazz awaiting, I expect it’ll be up and readable in August. But for now, a teaser:

Alit is a girl like any other.

By night, she wards off clumsy advances from boring scribes and functionaries, and dreams of other lives she could have led.

By day, she carries letters across dangerous Numush to add coins to her dowry, and awaits with some trepidation the day when her brother is finally old enough to sign her over to another man.

Her world shatters when her tablet house is attacked, for the second time, by men with knives. They want to know more about her father, who disappeared six years ago.

So does she.

Alit hires a band of mercenaries to chase after the only lead she has, and is drawn into an Ekka she has only glimpsed: a land built on vengeance, crime for coin, and simmering revolution.

And that’s what I’ve been up to.



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Mar 142011

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